$150 Master Membership

  • Unlimited access to all non-semester based classes for 1 month. Discounts on workshops and events. Prorated by purchase date.

$125 Master Membership

  • Same great Master Membership for $125.00 per month when you commit to purchasing for 3 months.

$100 Master Membership

  • Same great Master Membership for $100.00 per month when you commit to purchasing for 6 months.

$ 100 Teacher/Student Master Membership

  • Educating yourself, or others? We celebrate the betterment of all. $100 per month with no commitment necessary. Email us to determine eligibility for our Teacher/Student Rate.

$1,100 Master Membership

  • A Year supply of Unlimited access to all non-semester-based classes, discounts on workshops and events, and a free sweatshirt or t-shirt of your choosing.


$20 First Time Class

  • Try out your first class for $20.

$30 Class

  • Save $5 when you reserve your spot online before class. Drop-ins cost $35.

$200 8-Pack

  • Save when you purchase an 8-Pack ($25/class). Great for siblings, families, and playdates!


$150 for 1 - 4 Participants

  • This 1 hour lesson can be 1-on-1 or shared for a group of up to 4. We can come to a park near you or recommend a location. There is a $60 fee for an indoor location.

$1,000 8-Pack

  • Receive an 8-pack of private lessons. Our coach will design privates to help you reach your movement goals. Great as holiday gifts and for parents to share for playdates.

$300 Master Mentorship

  • Jesse, our co-founder, will work with you to identify goals and challenges. With more than 14 years of experience training and coaching in NYC, he will design a program to guide you to self-sufficiency in parkour. For 1-4 students.

$2,000 8-Pack Master Membership

  • Over 8 sessions Jesse will help guide you towards strategies in building a healthy personal practice and connection to your body.


Submit our Afterschool Form to Purchase

  • $30 per hour
  • 1 free Session per Semester


$350.00 Monthly Magic Pass

  • Includes unlimited weekend classes and all club meetings

$150.00 Draft Party Drop-in

  • Includes 3-hour class, pizza and cards you will take home!

$90.00 Magic Club Drop-in

  • we provide cards during the class

If you'd like to drop in, click the date the schedule.