Events & Workshops

Every month we hold free & donation based events as well as paid workshops and Intensives. Come train with friends and meet some new ones at our WHAM Jams or home your skills with a guest instructor.


All Youth Happenings

WHAM - We Hang And Move

WHAM Jams are Donation-based drop-in sessions where our coaches supervise students as they work together to find their own challenges. We host these sessions so that:

  • Our students from different programs and different parts of the city get to meet and train together

  • Students develop their own personal practice and collaborative skills outside of a class environment.

  • Students hone their individual Parkour Vision while training safely.

Parkour Adventure Circle

This 90 minute father-son class combines parkour with restorative circle discussion. You’ll team up for a fun, challenging experience in order to build:

  • Deeper father/son connections

  • Better Communication and Understanding

  • Awareness about how actions impact self and others

  • Muscles for deep listening and emotional fluency.


Advanced Youth Events


Join an Advanced Class

Advanced Youth students can join adult workshops and events if our instructors believe they are ready.

Level up!

Speak to a coach after class or afterschool to find out what opportunities are right for your child.


Interested in learning something specific?

Want to set up a Private Event? Contact us here