Pop-Up & Play


Why a Pop-up?

Our outdoor programs emphasize changing our environments and challenging ourselves to find new movement opportunities in every space. Our Pop-up kit takes that exploration inside. With it’s modular design and endless combinations, we use it to continue growing our adaptiveness, creativity, critical thinking and collaborative skills.

Who is Pop-up for?

Our Pop-up is activated by those engaged in the idea of physical play and those who are curious about new movement possibilities. Regardless of age or physical ability, there are unique opportunities for everyone who visits our pop up to play. Every and any participant will have an opportunity to safely expand their movement and engage in a new environment and physical vocabulary.


Visit A Pop-up

Try out a Pop-up Kit by attending an indoors class or workshop.


Purchase a Pop-up

We are committed that our equipment is safe, high quality, well designed, and transformable so that it will provide unlimited opportunities for movement and learning. Upon delivery, build, instruction, and beyond, we treat our spaces with respect. We assure anyone with a pop-up kit that it fits the space and meets the needs of your movement goals.