School Partnerships


We work with public, private, and home-school organizations to bring parkour and healthy movement to students in elementary, middle, and high school.  

We collaborate with teachers, administrators, parents association, and affiliated organizations to design programs that are locally focused, educational, and, of course, a ton of fun!

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We work with schools to create afterschool programs that fit with their vision. We've used Anatomy, Storytelling, Game-design, and more to bring parkour into the classroom and to give students new tools for engaging with their world. We can run programs indoor or outdoor and have also worked to incorporate our programming with existing after school providers.



Get a taste of parkour with one of our workshops. We will get students up and moving, either inside their school or in a local park. We even know how to mix STEM learning projects into our workshops, incorporating everything from geography and drawing to game design and engineer!  So tell us what you want to do and we will work to create an amazing experience for your students!



Host an unforgettable field day for your school!  We come out with our pop-up playground and mix parkour with obstacle coursing, group challenges, and movement exploration in a high-energy, movement-packed day!


Want to see The Movement Creative in your school? 

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We create custom programs for schools and organizations. Which ever program you decide on, we will tailor instruction based on your students and your mission.
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